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breakout games 1 escape room - breakout games is the 1 escape room experience 5 star fun with 60 minutes to solve your mystery and escape rooms with many thrilling game designs over 1 million people played at breakout we re the largest escape game company with 44 locations and 250 escape rooms book your team now, breakout definition of breakout by merriam webster - noun the captives had been planning to stage a breakout at the next change in shift for the guards adjective the company had a breakout year last year tripling its profits from the previous year verb in the wake of news reports of deaths from the flu panic broke out and there was a mad rush for flu shots, breakout definition of breakout by the free dictionary - break out br k out n 1 a forceful emergence from a restrictive condition or situation 2 a sudden manifestation or increase as of a disease an outbreak 3 a sudden or dramatic improvement or increase in popularity now grown on a small scale in several arid regions this crop seems poised for a major breakout noel vietmeyer 4 a, 2018 breakout harley davidson usa - the 2018 breakout motorcycle takes the idea of long lean mean asphalt devouring muscle to the modern edge it s time to ride like you re an alpha wolf among sheep, breakout kc top rated escape room in downtown kansas city - the goal of breakout is simple you have 60 minutes to escape from one of our 10 live action escape rooms breakout kc is the only escape game in the u s to be ranked in the top 5 by usa today and tripadvisor and we now have locations in kc crack the codes